We work with our clients to create memorable esports events.

From casual local gatherings to large scale productions, our team has experience developing events of every type. Logistics, equipment, marketing, staffing, production, and execution are offered on demand to meet your needs.

Every aspect of your event handled with confidence.

Mile High Esports is made up of experienced professionals with skills in team management, event direction, project coordination, internet technology and networking, as well as product and application development.

Flawless Execution

Every project and event our team contributes to receives tedious planning to ensure every component goes off without a hitch.

Repeatable Success

Our experience allows us to confidently iterate without comprimising our clients' success by utilizing repeatable patterns and formulas.

We Work Anywhere

There are no physical boundaries constraining our team. We will coordinate to work wherever required while keeping costs low.

Planning and Development

One of our key offerings is our planning and development for your project or event. Execution becomes easy with a thorough project plan.

We worked alongside Daybreak Game Company to build an exciting experience in the H1Z1 Elite Series event hosted by DreamHack. Our contractors handled registration, player coordination, cheat prevention, and technical support.

Photo Courtesy Daybreak Game Company

We're proud of our clients and partners

Daybreak Game Company